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Recent Articles

How VoIP Providers' Wideband Code Improves Quality and Productivity

by Joe Taylor Jr.

As VoIP providers roll out support for "wideband" business phone systems, subscribers with the right equipment enjoy the clearest phone calls ever. A new wave of hardware compatible with the G.722 audio format allows VoIP services to improve the quality of speakerphones and...  Read more >>>

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CRM Applications: Fresh Data Works Best

by Richard Barrington

Customer relations management (CRM) needs constantly updated information about clients to truly be effective. CRM software is a great tool, but like any tool, it doesn't work by itself. These procedures for updating CRM application data can increase the effectiveness of CRM...  Read more >>>

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An unmatched VoIP phone system at a fraction of the cost of traditional PBX, from industry leader 8x8. Pay only for the equipment and services you use. Save money and IT resources by putting your company on state-of-art VoIP communications technology. Vocalocity's hosted PBX service offers the most cost effective and reliable business VoIP currently on the market. Give your sales team access to complete customer information with Maximizer CRM, the simple, adaptable, and accessible CRM solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Close more deals, increase business and provide better service with NetSuite, the only on-demand CRM system that provides a true 360-degree view of the customer.